3D-printed QI charging stand

The Stand

The Stand

I was getting tired of always fiddling with the positioning of my phone on my wireless QI charger – so I decided to build a charging stand for it. I originally designed it for my Nexus 4, but it suffered a disasterous screen break a week ago. Luckily my replacement Nexus 5 works just fine it in as well.

I did some measurements and a sketch (was I ever rusty on my trig) :

Then I sent it over to the Dalhousie Library 3D Printing Service. It took them nearly 2 weeks, not sure why, but I got to pick it up today. Price was $3.25 for 41g of material (at $0.08/gram).

It even works for the Nexus 7 :

Nexus 7 Front View

Nexus 7

Some improvements to make for second version :

  • Add some guides on the sides to keep phone centered horizontally.
  • Give a little bit more room for the dug out portion where the charger sits. Currently there’s a bit of a hole on either side where I didn’t leave enough room.
  • Not really happy with the colour. It was supposed to be red but turned out more orange. Maybe try other colours.
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