Setting Up Bluetooth Debugging for Android Wear

I struggled a lot with setting up bluetooth debugging for Android Wear using the Android Development Studio. Here’s my notes for future reference for Windows. There’s three parts :

  1. Enable Developer Mode on phone.
  2. Enable wear debugging.
  3. Connect ADB to Wear device.

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Xiaomi Yi night bike ride test

I got a rear tube puncture biking from work so I was still itching for a bike ride after running home. I changed my tube after supper and took it out to make sure the bike was okay.

It was still a nice evening (despite around 0 deg C) so I figured I’d go for a quick spin and try out my Xiaomi Yi as well. I keep on getting surprised by quality of the recording though I don’t have much to compare it to besides my phone’s camera.


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Piano Cover of Flower Dance by DJ Okawari

One of my most favourite songs to listen to – now finally able to play it !


MP3 download : flower_dance.mp3

Also experimented filming it with the Nexus 5 (upper corner) and my new Xiaomi Yi (main feed). I’m pretty happy about the Yi’s quality and I think I’m going to use it instead of my old Canon S90 digital camera for videos.

The quality of the Nexus 5 video was okay but at least it was able to capture the rapid movement without blurring like my Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam in my Entertainer vid.

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Unboxing of Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

I just got a Xiaomi Yi Action Camera – while not as high end as what you can get from GoPro, it offers pretty good results for it’s price.

Xiaomi Yi

Xiaomi Yi

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Piano Cover of The Entertainer by Scott Joplin

One of my ragtime favourites, The Entertainer by Scott Joplin.


I filmed it with my Canon S90 digital camera (bottom corner) and my Logitech HD Pro C920 web cam (main feed). The web cam quality was okay but it had trouble capturing the rapid movement and things got a bit blurry.

I’m going to try filming with my Nexus 5 next time and see if the quality is any different – I just clued in and realized I could use my car’s phone mount to help position my phone. The phone mount has a magnet on one end for the Nexus 5 and a suction cup on the other side for a car’s windshield. I plan on using the suction cup on my keyboard.

Stay tuned !

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