Setting up Vim in Rasbian

I’ve gotten used to Vim over time so I’d like to install it on my RPi A+ running Rasbian. So far I’ve set up WiFi and I’m able to SSH to it. Now I can just power it up and leave it somewhere safe while I SSH into from my phone or computer.

Vim stands for Vi IMproved, which is a modified version of Vi. It’s a minimalistic text editor that has a bit of a learning curve. However once you get the basics, it seems less intimidating.

I’m going to use APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) to get Vim, so to start off with a fresh list of the packages :

I get the following as the RPi gets updates from the rasbian servers :

You could run a search if you’re not sure about the name :

I’m just interested in VIM and not the other addons or variations. So I’m going to go ahead an install it :

And I get :

I hit “Y” on the prompt and it starts the install :

All done, now to test it out by just running it by simply typing

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