FPV with Spektrum VA1100 Micro Camera on the LaTrax Alias

I’m diving into FPV with the Spektrum VA1100 Micro Camera on my LaTrax Alias.

This camera/transmitter combo has a power input range of 3.3v – 4.2v (1s), so it can be powered off my LaTrax Alias’ battery. Currently I taped the camera on the Alias with scotch tape :

LaTrax Alias FrontLaTrax Alias Front View with VA1100

LaTrax Alias Front View with VA1100

I couldn’t source a female “Micro JST” connector anywhere so I cut off one branch of the Y-cable supplied and soldered the bare wires onto the battery input on the Alias’ circuit board. Then I just routed the cable through the chassis so I could plug the VA1100 into it.

Underside of LaTrax Alias

Underside of LaTrax Alias

I rang out the Aux port on the Alias and the pinout kind of looks like this :

  1. +VDC (battery +4.2V).
  2. Some kind of Aux signal.
  3. Some kind of Aux signal.
  4. Some kind of Aux signal.
  5. -VDC (battery -0V).

Long term, I’m going to try building a connector that taps off the Aux port instead of the battery connectors.

Picture is okay, I do get occasional static from interference or maybe noise from the motors :

FPV Output on TV

FPV Output on TV

I banged around a lot indoors so I took it outside and it was loads of fun ! It’s going to take some getting used to and I think I might have preferred a wider FOV. Flight time is about 5.5 minutes, down from about 10 minutes without the camera. Haven’t flown it too far, maybe about 50m. Just waiting until I can get more skill on this before I send it too far away.

I think I’m going to get some more batteries. Anyway, there’s going to be lots more tinkering now.

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